AMAZING: A huge menorah was erected in a strategic location on the Shiloh Hills!

Newsrael Dec 9, 2022
BY Dr. Mordechai Kedar

A group of guys from the village of Eli and visitors from Great Neck New York, located in the Mata Binyamin Regional Council, set out this morning to erect a huge menorah in a strategic and high location in the Shiloh Hills.

US delegation from Great Neck New York led by Mayor Pedram Bral, MD, visits a New and developing neighborhood in Eli. 

Self-funded and built by the youth of Eli, the delegation joins with these youth to raise the menorah over the Shilo Valley as a testament that the Jewish people will not give up on their heritage, history, and ancestral lands. 

The delegation was organized and facilitated by the Heartland Initiative.