Heartland Initiative's Latest Contribution
to the "Ya'alom" Unit

The Heartland Initiative’s “Our-Sword” campaign continues its steadfast mission to support Israel’s elite military units, focusing on those who confront the relentless challenges of tunnel warfare. Recognizing the vast scope of needs across the Israeli Defense Forces, we’ve adopted a strategic approach. While equipping over 100,000 soldiers remains an aspirational goal, our current efforts are concentrated on the exceptional “Ya’alom” unit, a specialized group dedicated to tunnel warfare and counter-terrorism operations.

Impactful Contributions

Our journey with “Ya’alom” has been both inspiring and humbling. To date, we’ve had the privilege of delivering vital gear, ensuring these brave men and women are better equipped to tackle the daunting task of pursuing terrorists within the complex tunnel networks. Our contributions include:

  • 12 pairs of high-quality tactical shoes
  • 12 assault grips for weapons, enhancing precision and control
  • 12 weapon adapters and flashlights, each with a set of durable batteries
  • 3 premium coffee sets, for those much-needed moments of respite
  • 12 G-Shock watches, for impeccable timekeeping in challenging environments
  • 12 pairs of tactical gloves, providing both protection and dexterity


A Significant Addition: Combat Tactical Helmets

Today marks another milestone in our support journey. With most of the “Ya’alom” unit personnel deployed in Gaza, we visited their southern base, where we had the honor of meeting the unit’s equipment managers. In a significant gesture of our commitment, we presented them with 11 state-of-the-art combat tactical helmets, collectively valued at over $4,500. These helmets are not just gear; they are a symbol of our unwavering support and belief in the unit’s crucial mission.


A Glimpse into the Heart of Bravery

We invite you to watch our latest video, capturing this heartfelt moment. Witness the gratitude and determination of these amazing soldiers. And don’t miss the special promise Gedaliah requested from them upon receiving the helmets – a moment that embodies the deep connection between our initiative and the “Ya’alom” unit.


Join Our Mission

Your support can make a tangible difference. To contribute to the “Ya’alom” unit and other groups we support, visit our website at heartland-initiative.co.il/our-sword. Together, we can continue to make a significant impact, providing our heroes with the tools they need to safeguard lives and pursue peace.