Just how many sons would you send
to fight after such a loss?

The Collective Guardianship of Our Soldiers

In our community, a profound belief is deeply rooted: every soldier is our child. This sentiment, more than symbolic, is a lived reality, as poignantly exemplified by the Raulchburger family. Following the tragic loss of their son Shilo Raulchburger z”l, who heroically defended his comrades against a Hamas attack on October 7, 2023, we are reminded of the sacrifices made by those who protect us.

The Raulchburgers: A Testament to Courage and Sacrifice

The Raulchburgers face a heart-rending challenge: sending their other sons back into the service after Shilo’s funeral. This raises a crucial question: Just how many other sons are they preparing to send into harm’s way? Their situation embodies the sacrifices made by countless families in our community. For Dudi and Nurit, the period of mourning was marked by both remembrance and preparation for the continued service of their remaining sons.

Embracing the Raulchburgers with Support and Hope

Our visit to the Raulchburger home was an expression of our community’s unwavering support. It was a gesture to ensure that Dudi and Nurit feel surrounded by love and solidarity in these challenging times. Their resilience is a beacon of strength and courage for all of us.

Providing Protection and Peace of Mind

In a gesture of solidarity, we presented the Raulchburgers with specialized gear for their other sons, symbolizing our collective desire for their safety and well-being. This equipment signifies more than physical protection; it’s a token of our shared hope and commitment to ensuring the Raulchburgers face no further loss.

Join Us in Supporting Our Soldiers

We invite you to watch the video capturing our visit and learn more about the Raulchburger family’s journey. Their story is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by families across our community and the bravery of our soldiers.

Your Contribution Makes a Difference

In honor of the Raulchburger family and families like theirs, we urge you to consider contributing to the units of their other sons. We guarantee that 100% of your donations will be utilized to provide these brave soldiers with the equipment and resources they need, offering more rest and peace of mind to Dudi and Nurit. Your support will ensure that we can collectively protect our children who stand guard for our safety.

United in Our Commitment: The story of the Raulchburgers is a powerful call to action for each of us. As we stand in solidarity with every family that sends their children to serve, we recommit ourselves to supporting and cherishing every soldier as our own. Join us in this noble cause, and let’s make a tangible difference in the lives of our brave soldiers and their families. Together, we are a community of strength, love, and resilience.