8:30 am – Breakfast – Orient Hotel, Jerusalem
11:00 pm – Depart for Eli
12:00 pm – Tour Shvut Rachel
1:00 pm – Tour of Eli and Shiloh Valley Jeep tour
3:00 pm Lunch at G’vaot Winery
4:00 pm – Shabbat
5:30 pm – Shabbat Dinner at Mayor Ariel Elmaliach’s private residence


A second day to be spent in the beautiful rolling hills of Binyamin, we made a quick detour to visit the land to be developed into one of the newest neighborhoods in the region. Meeting with Raful from the Binyamin Regional Development firm, we discussed the possibilities of customizing this neighborhood to best house a possible mass aliyah from the Village of Great Neck. Continuing on, we were met by Mayor of Eli, Ariel Elmaliach for a drive through the hills on ATV’s. And what a journey it was. Up to ancient Shilo where the Tabernacle stood. Reaching down on the ground and picking up pottery chards which reminded us all about the deep connection we have with this land. Continuing further, approaching a site being resettle by the youth of Eli, building a menorah as a symbol that our past and future is right there and will not go anywhere. Continuing onto lunch to the G’vaot Winery, we sat and drank wine just a hundred meters from an ancient Jewish wine press. This day was all about connecting to our past while seeing opportunities to build for the future. 

If you would like to learn more about the opportunities presented to us please contact Gedaliah & Yonathan

Shvut Rachel, Givah Bet (Investment)

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Resettling the land in Eli (Philanthropic investment into two residential vehicles)

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