Support Our Soldiers: Tactical Gear for Safety & Precision as they prepare to enter Rafah

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Since October 7th, the community in Eli, particularly one small, tightly-knit street, has felt the profound impact of conflict. From this single street alone, we have mourned the loss of two young men, a sorrow deeply felt by every family here. In these challenging times, a specific request comes from a remarkable family within this community. The son of a dedicated father of 9 and grandfather of 7, himself a soldier who has been at the forefront of the battle in Gaza, has reached out for our help. This young soldier’s request for tactical gear underlines the critical need for better equipment to ensure their safety and effectiveness in operations. The community stands united in wanting to ensure that all those who grew up and still live on this street are equipped with the necessary tools to return safely.

Campaign Objective

This crowdfunding campaign aims to raise funds to equip 15 courageous soldiers with essential tactical gear as they prepare to enter Rafah. These high-quality tactical lights and 3x scopes will enhance their operational capabilities, increasing their safety and effectiveness.

Why Tactical Gear?

Just as running shoes are not required for a marathon but significantly aid the runner, tactical lights and scopes are not mandatory but can be lifesaving in combat. This equipment will help our soldiers perform their duties with enhanced precision and greater safety, potentially saving lives and reducing the grief of loss.

The Need

  • 15 Sets of Tactical Lights and 3x Scopes
  • Total Fundraising Goal: $12,000

Each set costs $800, and your contribution will cover the purchase of this vital equipment, ensuring that our soldiers are equipped with the best tools to face the challenges ahead

Donation Tiers

  • $800 Sponsor a Soldier: Sponsor a full set of tactical gear for one soldier.
  • $1600 Sponsor Two Soldiers: Equip two soldiers with the necessary gear for their mission.
  • $3200 Sponsor Four Soldiers: Provide four soldiers with the tactical advantage they need.
  • Custom Donation: Any amount you wish to contribute helps!

Your Impact

All donations are tax-deductible in the US. Apart from a small transaction fee, 100% of your contribution goes directly toward purchasing this crucial equipment. By sponsoring, you become a vital part of their mission to ensure safety and enhance operational success.

Updates and Accountability

We value transparency and commitment. All donors will receive updates from the field when able, allowing you to see the impact of your contributions in real time.

Call to Action

CLICK HERE to make your donation today. Stand with us in supporting our soldiers, securing their safety, and contributing to their efforts in Rafah. Your support not only equips them better but also brings peace of mind to many families back home.