Nassau County, Binyamin Region,
sign twin cities agreement

Binyamin Regional Council Governor Yisrael Ganz and the heads of Nassau County, which has a population of 1.5 million, signed a twinning agreement. ‘This relationship will strengthen both sides.’

The activities of the Binyamin Regional Council in the US over the past few years have led to a recent twin city agreement between the largest regional council in Israel and Nassau County, which has about 1.5 million residents, in the state of New York.

Last weekend, Binyamin Regional Council Governor Yisrael Ganz and Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman signed a twin city agreement, agreeing to promote ties on various subjects.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the international relations team from Binyamin Regional Council, local New York State public officials, Nassau County Council members, rabbis from the Jewish communities in the region, and local media representatives.

“There is no greater symbol of the Jewish festival of Tu B’av than the building of bridges with new communities and the strengthening of their support for the Land of Israel,” said Yisrael Ganz at the signing of the agreement. “We are happy to sign this agreement with a special county that sees the importance in strengthening Judea and Samaria and Binyamin and bolstering our standing with the US administration and among decision makers.”

The mayors from Nassau County stressed the importance of tightening connections between Israel and the US, and said that the agreement strengthens the significant partnership between the peoples and the parties to the agreement.

“We are privileged to be making this covenant with this region that is so special to the Jewish People,” said Blakeman, “and we see the great importance in strengthening our ties with our partners in Israel. I was very impressed by the activities of the Binyamin Council and its governor, and there is no doubt that the strategic and uniqueness of the history, heritage, and nature in that region all strengthen Israel and especially the Jewish communities there.”

The International Desk of the Media and Advocacy department of Binyamin Regional Council holds a wide range of activities in the US with senators and congressmen, as well as with Jewish communities and their religious and lay leaders. In this context, senior officials come to the Binyamin region for informative tours and learn about this region, its heritage, and the challenges facing it. About three months ago former US Defense Secretary Mike Pompeo, former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, the mayor of Miami, and senior congressmen from both sides of the House visited Binyamin on such tours.