A Rallying Cry: Wield "Our Sword" to Empower Israel's Defenders

In the midst of the conflict titled “Iron Sword”, our military stands resilient, defending our nation’s sanctity. Yet, the true strength of a nation isn’t only found in its military might but also in the collective spirit of its people and supporters worldwide. Just as our military wields the “Iron Sword”, every one of us has the power to contribute – to raise “Our Sword” in unity and support.

During the previous conflict, our combined efforts successfully raised $330K in a mere four weeks, directly facilitating the procurement of vital tactical gear for our soldiers. Today, as history calls upon us once more, we ask for your unwavering support.

Why Your Support is Crucial

Every penny of your contribution is directly earmarked for this cause. After accounting for nominal bank transaction fees, 100% of the remaining funds are invested into acquiring the essential gear and equipment our soldiers desperately need. We’re not merely about collecting funds; we ensure they’re spent judiciously. Through strategic negotiations with suppliers, we often procure equipment at cost, ensuring maximum value for every donation.

The Current Situation

While the urgency is palpable, it’s essential to act with precision. Many units are in dire need of fundamental equipment such as vests and helmets. Our foremost task is to identify and promptly equip the elite units most in need. This initiative, “Our Sword”, is about precision, collaboration, and ensuring our military has exactly what it requires when it needs it most.

How You Can Raise ‘Our Sword’

Join us in this pivotal mission. Extend your hand, not just in donation but in a shared resolve to minimize unnecessary casualties and to strive for a decisive victory.

Pick up ‘Our Sword’

Every donation, every share, every prayer is a swing of “Our Sword”. Let’s together ensure our military’s “Iron Sword” is complemented by the collective might of our global community.


RAISED: 178,453 NIS from 116 donors